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Q. How do I make my own COMODO bundle file from CRT files?

A. Answer: You may do this using you favorite text editor or by using the command line.


# Root CA Certificate - AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt
# Intermediate CA Certificate 1 - UTNAddTrustSGCCA.crt
# Intermediate CA Certificate 2 - ComodoUTNSGCCA.crt
# Intermediate CA Certificate 3 - EssentialSSLCA_2.crt
# Your SSL Certificate - yourDomain.crt

Note: You will not need your SSL certificate for this exercise.

GUI Text Editor

1. Open All files in a text editor. (Remember, not your domain certificate.)
2. Create a new blank text file.
3. Copy contents of all files in reverse order and paste them into the new file.
Example: Intermediate 3, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 1, Root Certificate.
4. Save newly created file as ''.

Command Line

Linux or UNIX-like Operating Systems:
-- cat EssentialSSLCA_2.crt ComodoUTNSGCCA.crt UTNAddTrustSGCCA.crt AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt >

Windows or DOS:
-- copy EssentialSSLCA_2.crt + ComodoUTNSGCCA.crt + UTNAddTrustSGCCA.crt + AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt

Note: '' is only a place holder file name. You may call it anything you want.
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