SSL Certificates enable you to activate the security capabilities of your web server. Once activated the server will secure transactions or data communication over the web, ensuring your customers gain the highest level of confidence in your site and organization. offers you a range of SSL products, allowing you to choose a SSL Certificate most suited to your web security requirements.

If your site is an e-commerce website; you accept payments online or any type of confidential information from your customers/members, you need security your customers can trust.

Got Web Security?
Supported Browsers
- 256 bit encryption
- 99% browser support
- lowest cost root cert
Order Now! $16.95

QuickSSL® Premium
- highly trusted SSL
- 256 bit encryption
- Smart Seal
Order Now! $110.00

Comodo Essential
A basic SSL certificate that provides complete encryption for a very low price.
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Instant SSL Certificate

Current News

Multi-year certs ending     08-07-2020
As Chrome and Safari have decided to not honor certificates with a longer than one year expire date we are discontinuing our sale of multi-year certs. Only one year certs will be valid going forward.
This is a good thing for internet users. It forces businesses and webmasters to adopt new security updates more quickly and ensures the identity of website owners is valid and up to date to avoid possible impersonations.

Updated Terms and Policies     05-24-2018
We have updated our terms and policies to ensure you know how we handle your data.
Please visit our Terms Page to view the updates.

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